Preventive Dentistry Services in Jersey City Heights

dental exam

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums.  If left untreated Periodontal disease may develop and bone loss will occur, which can eventually lead to tooth loss.  The majority of the population suffers from tooth decay or some form of gum disease. Prevention is the key to having a lifetime of good dental health.  That’s why we offer regular dental cleanings and checkups. And if necessary, digital x-rays.  Digital radiography enables us to diagnose tooth decay and bone loss with a high quality image while at the same time exposing the patient with much less radiation than with traditional x-ray film.

Dr. Robert Borowicz DMD of Jersey City Heights is here to help you maintain good oral hygiene. We inform our patients about the importance of home dental care; we give advice on brushing and flossing techniques and recommend the most appropriate products to use for your teeth. It is our goal to help you prevent tooth decay and oral disease by educating you on preventive dentistry.

Some Preventative Services Include:
Complete Oral and Soft Tissue Exam
Scaling and Root Planing
Digital X-rays
Fluoride and Sealants

We’re based in Jersey City Heights, just a short drive for residents in any part of Jersey City, Weehawken or Union City.